Fanfiction has been one of the biggest driving factor of this site. I've finished watching and reading Sailor Moon quite long ago, but from reading fanfiction, I fall in love with the character over and over again. A handful of personal favourites:

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT (Mamoru centric/study)

"Bleed (Just to Know You're Alive" by Evil Authoress, Inc. - humourous, entertaining and PACKED with angst (the kind that left me craving for more and more; the pleasurable type) where Mamoru's subtle personality is served on a silver platter.

"Charming" by SuperKate1 - a fun little ficlet. Mamoru is no Prince Charming as he reflects on the incident of Usagi's birthday.

"The Golden Crystal" by Mamolove - an incomplete story, but definately something to check out if you're interested in Mamoru, the golden crystal, the revival of the Shitennou, evil queen, and all that sexy stuff. Rewrite of SailorMoon Super S, manga-based.

"Illusion" by ChibiCori - a touch of angst...a pleasant little read that's worth taking a look at.

"My Sempai" by Mamolove - No, Mamoru is not just a lover-boy, pairing object! A look into the Sempai. Written in the view of Asumauna.

"Purity" by April Rayne - based on the anime. Very original setting taking place in SailorMoon S. Kaolinite contemplates if Mamoru's pure heart contains a talismen.

"Relativity" by sexylong - "Relativity" isn't the type of story that I would read for fun. It deals with the complex nature of Mamoru's character. The complexity that draws others to him.

"The Same Coin" by Ai - ANGST (the type that makes me cry). Takes place during the infamous anime R break-up. Mamoru is split into two shells - a being driven by his emotions and a being driven by his logic.

And oh, if you come across any Mamoru fanfiction, my email is sensile[at]gmail[dot]com ^_~

ROMANCE/GENERAL (Mamoru and Others)

"The Big Wish" by Lilac Summers - Usagi tries to seduce Mamoru. Mamoru, being the gentleman that he is, is oblivious to it all.

"M&M story" by Antigone - Mamoru tries to study and Usagi goes on a hunt for Mamoru's chocolate stash. Mmmm...chocolate.

"Motoki" by Antigone - Motoki's reaction as he finds out that Mamoru and Usagi are an item.

"Peaches" by Antigone - Set in Crystal Tokyo, Neo Queen Serenity is pregnant and King Endymion tries his best to please her.

"Prelude to a Kiss" by Jennifer Wand - Usagi? A man?!

"Silver Strings" by Antigone - A sweet little Christmas fic about how when you're in love, they're silver strings that ties you together, or something like that.

"Resonating Light" by Spirit-hime - *WARNING: Slash Mamoru/Kunzite* Converted me from a U/M fan to a M/K fan in three chapters -_-'' It's a story with beautiful characterization. In regards to the warning, I feel that it's really a shame to let this story bypass you because of homophobia. And the choice of pairing? You just need to read it.


Okay, so I'm not a very good artist, but I like doing what I do. Feel free to send yours in to digicreation[at]!

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